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Traduction de SEO Note en fran?ais - French.lg

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Joined: 31 Aug 2010
Location: US

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:42 pm    Post subject: Traduction de SEO Note en fran?ais - French.lg Reply with quote

I am French and I teach French, and after using Keynotes for one year, I looked for another soft for obvioulsy Keynote will not be developped any more.
So I am trying Seo Note, and while navigating in the menus, I found functions that made me choose Seo Note: import from / export to Keynote and Treepad. Fine !
So, as I am going to use Seo Note, I spent some hours translating the .lg file in French.

As for any translation, when you understand the menus items, words and sentences, you have to use the software to understand really what some functions do. And have the translations not exceed some length, depending from the boxes! At the moment, there are some lacks in my French translation.

By the way, here is the French.lg file: just open Notepad, New file, paste in it all the lines under the *** (but not the *** themself) then name your file French.lg and put it in the folder where seonotes is installed, in the folder SEO Note/language/
best regards,

"Get Content","Importer..."
"New Ctrl+N","Nouveau Ctrl+N"
"&Open... Ctrl+O","Ouvrir Ctrl+O"
"&Save Ctrl+S","Enregistrer Ctrl+S"
"Save &As...","Enregistrer sous..."
"Merge With ...","Fusionner avec ..."
"&Zip and E-Mail All File To ...","Zipper et envoyer tous les fichiers ? ..."
"&Backup To ...","Faire une sauvegarde"
"&Properties Ctrl+Alt+Enter","Propri?t?s Ctrl+Alt+Enter"
"&File Manager F12","Gestion des fichiers F12"
"Print Preview","Aper?u avant impression"
"Print Setup","Param?tres de l'imprimante"
"E&xit Alt+F4","Sortir Alt+F4"
"&Import From...","Importer de ..."
"Export To","Exporter vers ..."
"&Full Screen","Plein ?cran"
"Always on &Top","Toujours devant"
"Focus To T&ree F5","Focus sur l'arbre F5"
"Focus To &Editor F6","Focus sur l'?diteur F6"
"&Bottom Pane","Panneau du bas"
"&Toolbars","Barres d'outils"
"Note &Tree","Arbre"
"&Status Bar","Barre d'?tat"
"&Tree Operation","Interventions sur l'arbre"
"&RTF Formatting","Formatage RTF"
"&Note Styles","Style des notes"
"&HTML Formatting","Format HTML"
"Advanced &Edit","Edition avanc?e"
"&Advanced Folder","Dossiers, fonctions avanc?es"
"A&dvanced Notes","Notes, fonctions avanc?es"
"&Insert Operation","Insertions"
"Find &Panel","Panneau de recherche"
"&Web Ctrl+Alt+W","Web Ctrl+Alt+W"
"Sou&rce Ctrl+Alt+S","Source Ctrl+Alt+S"
"&Undo Ctrl+Z","Annuler Ctrl+Z"
"&Redo Ctrl+Y","Refaire Ctrl+Y"
"Cu&t Ctrl+X","Couper Ctrl+X"
"&Copy Ctrl+C","Copier Ctrl+C"
"&Paste Ctrl+V","Coller Ctrl+V"
"Paste &Special... Alt+Ins","Collage sp?cial Alt+Ins"
"Paste U&nformated Text Ctrl+Alt+Ins","Coller le texte sans format Ctrl+Alt+Ins"
"&Delete Del","Effacer Del"
"S&elect All Ctrl+A","S?lectionner tout? Ctrl+A"
"Se&lect Word","S?lectionner un mot"
"Copy &All Ctrl+A","Copier tout? Ctrl+A"
"&Object Properties Alt+Enter","Propri?t?s de l'objet Alt+Enter"
"Find... Ctrl+F","Chercher... Ctrl+F"
"Replace... Ctrl+H","Remplacer... Ctrl+H"
"Find Next F3","Suivant F3"
"Find Notes by Name in Current Folder...","Chercher les notes par nom dans le dossier courant"
"&Advanced Find ... Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F","Recherche avanc?e ... Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F"
"Go To Line... Ctrl+G","Aller ? la ligne Ctrl+G"
"White Space","Espace vide"
"Track Clipboard","Coller le contenu du presse-papier"
"Lowercase Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L","Minuscules Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L"
"Uppercase Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U","Majuscules Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U"
"Capitalize Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P","Majuscules au d?but des mots Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P"
"Sentencize Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J","Majuscules au d?but des phrases Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J"
"Invert Case Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K","Inverser la casse Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K"
"Join Selected Lines","Joindre les lignes s?lectionn?es"
"Sort Selected Lines","Trier les lignes s?lectionn?es"
"Tabify Selection","Indenter la s?lection"
"Untabify Selection","Annuler l'indentation"
"Reverse Selected Text","Inverser la s?lection dans le texte"
"Extract Web/Proxy Addresses from Selected","Extraire les liens ou adresses mail de la s?lection"
"Calculate Selected Expression","Calculer l'expression s?lectionn?e"
"Trim Left","Couper ? gauche"
"Trim Right","Couper ? droite"
"Trim Both","Couper ? gauche et ? droite"
"Delete Horizontal White Space","Supprimer l'espace blanc horizontal"
"Font Style","Style des caract?res"
"Line Spacing","Espacement des lignes"
"Wrap To Windows","Aligner sur la fen?tre"
"Wrap To Ruler","Aligner sur la r?gle"
"Clear Format","Supprimer le formatage"
"Upper Case","Majuscules"
"Lower Case","Minuscules"
"Font Up","Agrandir la taille"
"Font Down","Diminuer la taille"
"Text Color","Couleur du texte"
"Text Fill","Justification"
"Ident Decrease","R?duire l'indentation"
"Ident Increase","Augmenter l'indentation"
"Bulled List","Liste ? puces"
"&Numeric List Ctrl+Shift+N","Liste num?rot?e"
"Edit Mode","Edit Mode"
"Fill Color","Couleur de remplissage"
"Background Color","Couleur de fond"
"Outdent","Retrait n?gatif"
"Indent","Retrait positif"
"Absolute position","Position absolue"
"Static position","Position fixe"
"Insert Table","Ins?rer un tableau"
"Add Column Left","Ajouter une colonne ? gauche"
"Add Column Right","Ajouter une colonne ? droite"
"Add Row Top","Ajouter une ligne au-dessus"
"Add Row Bottom","Ajouter une ligne au-dessous"
"Delete Col","Supprimer la colonne"
"Delete Row","Supprimer la ligne"
"Combine Cells","Fusionner les cellules"
"Split Cell","Diviser les cellules"
"Cell Background Color","Couleur de fond des cellules"
"Table Properties","Propri?t?s du tableau"
"Insert Horizontal Line","Ins?rer une ligne horizontale"
"Customize Horizontal Line","Personnaliser la ligne horizontale"
"Customize Hyperlink","Personnaliser le lien internet"
"Word Wrap","Retour automatique ? la ligne"
"New Note Shift+Ins","Nouvelle note Shift+Ins"
"New Subnote Ins","Nouvelle note enfant Ins"
"Rename F2","Renommer F2"
"Delete Del","Supprimer Del"
"Icon Ctrl+Shift+F2","Ic?ne Ctrl+Shift+F2"
"Check Box","Case ? cocher"
"Copy Notes Ctrl+C","Copier les notes Ctrl+C"
"Cut Notes Ctrl+X","Couper les notes Ctrl+X"
"Paste Notes Ctrl+V","Coller les notes Ctrl+V"
"Delete Subnotes Ctrl+Del","Supprimer les notes enfants Ctrl+Del"
"Note Settings","Param?tres des notes"
"Set Reminder","R?glage de l'alarme"
"Color && Font","Couleur et police"
"Read Only","Lecture seule"
"Show Hidden Notes","Afficher les notes cach?es"
"Up Shift+Up","Vers le haut Shift+Haut"
"Down Shift+Down","Vers le bas Shift+Bas"
"Left Shift+Left","Vers la gauche Shift+Bas"
"Right Shift+Right","Vers la droite Shift+Droite"
"Up Up","Vers le haut Haut"
"Down Down","Vers le bas Bas"
"Left Left","Vers la gauche Gauche"
"Right Right","Vers la droite Droite"
"Back Ctrl+Left","En arri?re Ctrl+Left"
"Forward Ctrl+Right","En avant Ctrl+Droite"
"To Root Node Ctrl+BackSpace","Vers le noeud racine Ctrl+BackSpace"
"To Parent Note BackSpace","Vers la note parent BackSpace"
"Switch Ctrl+Tab","Switch Ctrl+Tab"
"Collapse Subnotes Ctrl+D","Replier les notes enfants Ctrl+D"
"Collapse Single Level Gray -","Replier un seul niveau Touche - grise"
"Collapse All","Replier tout"
"Expand Subnotes Ctrl+E","D?ployer les notes enfants Ctrl+E"
"Expand Single Level Gray +","D?ployer un seul niveau Touche + grise"
"Expand All","D?ployer tout"
"Notes Text","Texte des notes"
"Notes Name","Nom des notes"
"Notes Path","Chemin des notes"
"Name To Note","Nommer la note"
"Set Note Name","Donner comme nom ? la note..."
"Auto Number Notes","Num?roter automatiquement les notes"
"Export Notes To Text File...","Exporter les notes dans un fichier texte..."
"Export Notes To XML File...","Exporter les notes dans un fichier XML..."
"Import From...","Importer depuis..."
"Export To...","Exporter vers..."
"Export Selected To...","Exporter la s?lection vers..."
"E-Mail Note","Envoyer la note par courrier"
"Zip and E-Mail Select Text","Zipper et envoyer le texte s?lectionn? par courrier"
"Attachments ...","Fichiers joints ..."
"Set View Password","D?finir le mot de passe pour l'affichage"
"Description Shift+F2","Description Shift+F2"
"Stats Shift+Enter","Statistiques Shift+Enter"
"Sort All","Trier tout"
"Sort Subnotes","Trier les notes enfants"
"Text From Clipboard","le texte du presse-papier"
"Selected Text","le texte s?lectionn?"
"Current Date And Time","les date et heure courantes"
"Current Date","la date courante"
"Current Time","l'heure courante"
"Text File","Fichier texte"
"HTML File","Fichier HTML"
"RTF File","Fichier RTF"
"Folder (Multiimport)","Dossier (Import multiple)"
"As Text...","Comme texte..."
"As Zip...","Comme fichier zip..."
"Sort By Name","Trier par nom"
"Sort By Creation Time","Trier par heure de cr?ation"
"Sort By Modification Time","Trier par heure de modification"
"New F7","Nouveau F7"
"Rename Shift+F7","Renommer Shift+F7"
"Delete Ctrl+F7","Supprimer Ctrl+F7"
"Set Icon Ctrl+Shift+F7","Choisir une ic?ne Ctrl+Shift+F7"
"Make First","Placer en premier"
"Move Left","D?placer vers la gauche"
"Move Right","D?placer vers la droite"
"Make Last","Placer en dernier"
"Folder Settings","Param?tres des dossiers"
"New Virtual Folder ...","Nouveau dossier virtuel..."
"Auto Calendar Folder","Dossier du calendrier automatique"
"Sort by Name","Trier par nom"
"Export to SEO Note File ...","Exporter en fichier SEO Note ..."
"Zip And E-Mail To ...","Zipper et envoyer par courrier ?..."
"Login\\Key Generator","G?n?rateur d'identifiant et de mdp"
"Date and Time ... Ctrl+Shift+T","Date et heure ... Ctrl+Shift+T"
"Custom Date ... Ctrl+Shift+D","Date personnelle Ctrl+Shift+D"
"Internal Hyperlink ... Ctrl+Shift+H","Lien interne Ctrl+Shift+H"
"Web Hyperlink ... Ctrl+Shift+W","Lien web Ctrl+Shift+W"
"E-Mail Link ... Ctrl+Shift+E","Adresse e-mail Ctrl+Shift+E"
"Link to File ... Ctrl+Shift+F","Lier au fichier ..."
"&Icon Ctrl+Shift+I","Ic?ne Ctrl+Shift+I"
"Object... Ctrl+Shift+O","Objet Ctrl+Shift+O"
"Selected text","Texte s?lectionn?"
"Save Current As Template...","Enregistrer le fichier courant comme mod?le"
"Internet Explorer","Internet Explorer"
"Set Bookmark","Mettre un signet"
"Go To Bookmark","Aller aux signets"
"Clear Bookmark","Effacer les signets"
"Edit Accels Ctrl+F9","Edit Accels Ctrl+F9"
"Settings F9","Param?tres F9"
"External Tools... F11","Outils externes... F11"
"Help Contents F1","Aide F1"
"Check for Updates","V?rifier les mises ? jour"
"Visit" ,"Visiter"
"Tip Of Day...","Astuce du jour"
"&About SEO Note...","A propos de SEO Note..."
"Add date and time","Ajouter la date et l'heure"
"Set selected as default","Enregistrer ces choix comme r?glage par d?faut"
"Date and Time","Date et heure"
"Cancel and close this dialog","Annuler et fermer cette bo?te de dialogue"
"Set selected date or time in article","Ins?rer la date ou l'heure choisie dans l'article"
"Text to find :","Rechercher le texte :"
"Advanced search ","Recherche avanc?e"
"Match whole word","Mots entiers"
"Match case","Respecter la casse"
"Options","Chercher dans les..."
"&Pass to ...","Aller ? la note choisie"
"Find nodes","Chercher des noeuds"
"Close this dialog","Fermer cette bo?te de dialogue"
"Pass to selected node","Aller au noeud s?lectionn?"
"Save settings","Enregistrer les param?tres"
"Get backup account","Obtenir un compte pour le backup"
"Line number (1 - ","Ligne num?ro (1 - "
"Go to line","Aller ? la ligne"
"Select icon","Choisir l'ic?ne"
"Set new icon","Utiliser la nouvelle ic?ne"
"Close this dialog without change icon","Fermer cette bo?te sans changer l'ic?ne"
"Toolbars","Barres d'outils"
"Generate login","G?n?rer un identifiant"
"Generate password","G?n?rer un mot de passe"
"Generate login and password","G?n?rer un identifiant et un mot de passe"
"Copy generated password to buffer","Copier le mot de passe g?n?r? dans le presse-papier"
"Copy generated login to buffer","Copier l'identifiant g?n?r? dans le presse-papier"
"Chars Count","Nombre de caract?res"
"Password","Mot de passe"
"Login lenght (4-150chars) :","Longueur de l'identifiant (4-150 caract?res) :"
"Password lenght (4-150 chars) :","Longueur du mot de passe (4-150 caract?res) :"
"File Description","Description du fichier"
"Other Properties","Autres propri?t?s"
"Set properties to current file","Attribuer ces propri?t?s au fichier courant"
"Close this dialog and cancel changes","Fermer cette bo?te de dialogue et annuler les modifications"
"Select icon for tray for this file","Ic?ne ? afficher dans la zone de notification pour ce fichier"
"System properties of current file","Propri?t?s syst?me du fichier courant"
"Reset a current tray icon","Retablir l'ic?ne courante pour la zone de notification"
"System Properties","Propri?t?s du syst?me"
"Custom Tray Icon","Ic?ne personnalis?e pour la zone de notification"
"Clear Tray Icon","Supprimer l'ic?ne pour la zone de notification"
"Internal error - datas not set","Erreur interne - donn?es non d?finies"
"Encrypted use Blowfish algoritm (from 5 to 448 bit encryption) (decrease store on disk speed)","Le cryptage utilise l'algorythme Blowfish (cryptage de 5 ? 448 bits) (ralentit l'enregistrement)"
"Compress content (decrease store on disk speed)","Compresser (ralentit l'enregistrement)"
"File Properties","Propri?t?s du fichier"
"Favorite Files","Fichiers favoris"
"Add File","Ajouter un fichier"
"Filename","Nom du fichier"
"Full Path","Chemin complet"
"Creation Date","Date de cr?ation"
"Access Date","Dernier acc?s"
"Modification Date","Date de modification"
"Open selected file","Ouvrir le fichier s?lectionn?"
"Close this dialog","Fermer cette bo?te de dialogue"
"Add a favorite","Ajouter aux favoris"
"Remove the selected favorite","Supprimer le favori s?lectionn?"
"File Manager - select a recent file for open","Gestionnaire de fichiers - Choisir un fichier recent pour l'ouvrir"
"Support bar","Barre pour le support"
"Backup bar","Barre de backup"
"Advanced Notes Bar","Barre des notes, avanc?e"
"Insert Bar","Barre d'insertion"
"Find Bar","Barre de recherche"
"Style Bar","Barre des styles"
"Bottom dialog","Bo?te de dialogue - en bas"
"Left dialog","Bo?te de dialogue - en haut"
"Standard Bar","Barre des outils standards"
"Text Bar","Barre des outils texte"
"Tree Bar","Barre d'outils pour l'arbre"
"Advanced Edit Bar","Barre des outils d'?dition avanc?e"
"Advanced Folder Bar","Barre des outils avanc?s pour les dossiers"
"Set tabs","Placer les tabulations"
"Delete all tabs","Supprimer toutes les tabulations"
"Add tab","Ajouter une tabulation"
"Delete selected tab","Supprimer la tabulation s?lectionn?e"
"Delete All","Supprimer tout"
"Tab stop position","Tabulation d'arr?t"
"Set selected options for paragraph","Appliquer les options choisies au paragraphe"
"Paragraph Properties","Propri?t?s du paragraphe"
"&Left:","A gauche"
"&Right:","A droite"
"&First line:","De premi?re ligne"
"Page Brea&k Before","Saut de page avant"
"Remove selected icon","Supprimer l'ic?ne s?lectionn?e"
"Move Up icon","Monter l'ic?ne"
"Move Down icon","Descendre l'ic?ne"
"Add icon","Ajouter l'ic?ne"
"Alter Icon","Alter icon"
"Add selected icon to favorites","Ajouter l'ic?ne s?lectionn?e aux favoris"
"Add to Favorites","Ajouter aux favoris"
"Check a new version ....","V?rifier les mises ? jour ..."
"Set selected document type","Choisir le type de document"
"Plain Highlighting Text","Texte brut"
"Virtual Text","Texte virtuel"
"Virtual HTML","HTML virtuel"
"Select Note Type","Choisir le type de note"
"Set selected as default","Choisir la s?lection comme d?faut"
"Add selected date in note","Ajouter la date choisie au texte"
"Create table","Cr?er un tableau"
"Insert Table","Ins?rer un tableau"
"Numer of columns","Nombre de colonnes"
"Numer of rows","Nombre de rang?es"
"Set internal link","Ins?rer un lien interne"
"Insert Internal Hyperlink","Ins?rer un lien internet"
"Internal Hyperlink","Lien interne"
"In nodes names","noms des noeuds"
"In RTF nodes","noeuds en RTF"
"In HTML nodes","noeuds en HTLM"
"In Text nodes","noeuds en texte brut"
"Once","Une fois"
"Daily","Chaque jour"
"Weekly","Chaque semaine"
"Monthly","Chaque mois"
"Yearly","Chaque ann?e"
"Set Note Reminder","Mettre une alarme ? une note"
"Reminder period","P?riode de rappel"
"Set reminder to note","Mettre une alarme ? cette note"
"Set icon","Choisir cette ic?ne"
"Set settings to note","Appliquer les param?tres ? la note"
"Set description to note","Appliquer la description ? la note"
"Apply settings to note","Appliquer les param?tres ? la note"
"Show note attachments","Afficher les fichiers joints ? la note"
"Show note statistic","Afficher les statistiques de la note"
"Name of Note","Nom de la note"
"Color and Font","Couleur et police"
"Text Color","Couleur du texte"
"Background Color","Couleur de l'arri?re-plan"
"Checkbox","Case ? cocher"
"Readonly","En lecture seule"
"Set Note Icon","Affecter l'ic?ne ? la note"
"Attachments...","Fichiers joints"
"Find notes","Chercher une note"
"Pass to selected note","Aller ? la note s?lectionn?e"
"Find notes by name","Chercher un nom de note"
"Pass to","Passer ?"
"Note name","Nom de la note"
"Attachments Files","Fichiers joints"
"Organize note attacments","Organiser les fichiers joints"
"Add file","Ajouter un fichier"
"Add folder","Ajouter un dossier"
"Delete All","Supprimer tout"
"Attachments name","Nom des fichiers joints"
"Created data","Donn?es cr??es"
"Style Manager","Choix des styles"
"Back Color","Couleur d'arri?re-plan"
"Hotkey","Raccourci clavier"
"Select Font","Choisir la police"
"Move item up","Monter l'item"
"Move item down","Descendre l'item"
"Delete current item","Supprimer l'item courant"
"Add new item","Ajouter un nouvel item"
"Copy selected style","Copier le style s?lectionn?"
"Delete all items","Supprimer tous les items"
"Copy Login to buffer","Copier l'identifiant dans le presse-papier"
"Copy Password to buffer","Copier le mot de passe dans le presse-papier"
"Login/Password","Identifiant/Mot de passe"
"Add a new reminder","Ajouter un nouveau rappel"
"Edit selected reminder","Editer le rappel s?lectionn?"
"Delete selected reminder","Supprimer le rappel s?lectionn?"
"Delete all reminders","Supprimer tous les rappels"
"Set active status for selected reminders","Activer tous les rappels"
"Clone selected reminder","Dupliquer le rappel s?lectionn?"
"Add node to selected reminder","Ajouter un noeud au rappel s?lectionn?"
"Are you sure ?","En ?tes-vous s?r ?"
"Select Note","S?lectionner une note"
"Hotkey","Raccourci clavier"
"&Customize Toolbars...","Personnaliser les barres d'outils"
"&Customize Toolbar...","Personnaliser la barre d'outils"
"HTML Table Toolbar","Barre d'outils des tableaux HTML"
"HTML toolbar","Barre d'outils HTML"
"&Dock Tree","Ancrer l'arbre"
"&Bottom","En bas"
"&Top","En haut"
"Advanced find results (use Double click for open)","Recherche avanc?e (double clic pour lancer)"
"Edit &Templates...","Editer les mod?les..."
"Save templates","Enregistrer les mod?les"
"Add new template","Ajouter un nouveau mod?le"
"Delete selected template","Supprimer les mod?les s?lectionn?s"
"Delete all templates","Supprimer tous les mod?les"
"Template key :","Touche du mod?le :"
"Template :","Mod?le :"
"Insert Template Ctrl+Down","Ins?rer un mod?le Ctrl+Down"
"A&dvanced Export...","Exportation avanc?e..."
"Export according to selected settings","Exporter avec les param?tres choisis"
"Export Nodes Options","Options de l'export des noeuds"
"In One File","Dans un fichier"
"In Few Files","Dans plusieurs fichiers"
"As TEXT","En texte brut"
"As RTF","En RTF"
"Not Checked","Non coch?"
"Selected Folder","Le dossier s?lectionn?"
"Selected Node","Le noeud s?lectionn?"
"Only Text","Seulement le texte brut"
"Only RTF","Seulement le texte RTF"
"Only HTML","Seulement le texte HTML"
"Advanced Export","Export avanc?"
"Select folder for export","Choisir le dossier ? exporter"
"Select folder for autobackup","Choisir le dossier ? sauvegarder"
"Set new settings","Appliquer les nouveaux param?tres"
"Close this dialog without change settings","Fermer cette bo?te sans changer les param?tres"
"Apply new settings","Appliquer les nouveaux param?tres"
"Set selected icon as default", "Choisir l'ic?ne s?lectionn?e comme d?faut"
"Pasted hot key is not registered, please choose another key.","La touches coll?e n' est pas enregistr?e, utilisez une autre touche SVP."
"Activated hot key is not registered, please choose another key.","La touches activ?e n' est pas enregistr?e, utilisez une autre touche SVP."
"Default insert note","Format des notes par d?faut"
"Enable default insert note","Insertion de la note par d?faut"
"Enable default insert date","Insertion de la date par d?faut"
"Enable default insert custom date","Insertion de la date personnalis?e"
"Allow Only One Instance","Une seule instance du programme"
"Minimize To Tray","R?duire dans la zone de notification"
"Start with Windows","D?marrer avec Windows"
"Minimize By Close","Le bouton fermer r?duit Seonote"
"Show Tips as Startup","Afficher les astuces au d?marrage"
"Minimize at Start","D?marrer minimis?"
"Autosave by Minimize","Enregistre le fichier ouvert si minimis?"
"Autosave by Switch to Another","Sauvegarde auto quand on change de fichier"
"Autosave by Exit","Sauvegarde automatique ? la sortie du programme"
"Autobackup folder","Dossier des backups automatiques"
"Autobackup Level","Niveau du backup automatique"
"bak copies by save","Backup automatique lors de la sauvegarde"
"Activate Shortcut","Activer le raccourci"
"Paste Shortcut","Coller le raccourci"
"Acception on Operations","Op?rations ? confirmer"
"Delete all external tools","Supprimer tous les outils externes"
"Delete note","Supprimer une note"
"Sort note","Trier la note"
"Sort note by creation time","Trier la note par date de cr?ation"
"Sort notes by modification time","Trier la note par date de modification"
"Sort all tree","Trier tout l'arbre"
"Sort all by creation time","Trier tout par date de cr?ation"
"Sort all by modification time","Trier tout par date de modification"
"Protect also and subnotes","Verrouiller aussi les notes enfants"
"Auto Number Notes","Num?rotation automatique des notes"
"Reset appearance note","R?initier l'apparence de la note"
"Delete attachments","Supprimer les fichiers joints"
"Delete all attachments","Supprimer tous les fichiers joints"
"Delete subnotes","Supprimer les notes enfants"
"Set Default Note Icon","Ic?ne par d?faut pour la note"
"Show description hint","Afficher les infos-bulles"
"Enable Icons","Activer les ic?nes"
"Standard tree icons","ic?nes standard de l'arbre"
"Show tree lines","Afficher des lignes dans l'arbre"
"Back color","Couleur d'arri?re-plan"
"Tree font","Police de l'arbre"
"Enable Folder Icons","Activer les ic?nes des dossiers"
"Show Folders On Bottom","Afficher les dossiers en bas"
"Show Folders Tooltip","Afficher les astuces des dossiers"
"Delete folder","Supprimer le dossier"
"Sort folders","Trier les dossiers"
"Active Folder Color","Activer la couleur pour les dossiers"
"Text font","Police du texte"
"Right Orientation (need restart for apply)","Orienter vers la droite (red?marrage requis)"
"RTF Font","Police pour RTF"
"Html View Settings","Param?tres de l'affichage HTML"
"HTML font","Police pour l'HTML"
"Html Source Settings","Param?tres pour la source HTML"
"Quote Color","Couleur des guillemets"
"Tag Color","Couleur des balises"
"Comment Color","Couleur des commentaires"
"Use Color Source","Utiliser la couleur de la source"
"Count of Autocalendar in Tree :","Compte du calendrier de l'arbre :"
"( recomended 1-10 )","(1-10 conseill?)"
"Set Day Icon","D?finir l'ic?ne du jour"
"Set Month Icon","D?finir l'ic?ne du mois"
"Set Root Icon","D?finir l'ic?ne ? la racine"
"Set Year Icon","D?finir l'ic?ne de l'ann?e"
"As a Tree","Sous forme d'arbre"
"Public according to selected settings","Publier avec le param?trage choisi"
"Select a folder for Public to Web","Choisissez un dossier ? publier sur internet"
"Select note for a top template","Choisissez une note pour l'en-t?te du mod?le"
"Select note for a template","Choissez une note comme mod?le"
"Select note for a middle template","Choisissez une note pour le corps du mod?le"
"Select note for a bottom template","Choisissez une note pour le pied de page"
"P&ublic to Web...","Publier sur internet..."
"Public to Web","Publier sur internet"
"Folder for Public to Web","Dossier ? publier sur internet"
"Use Templates","Utiliser un mod?le"
"Extention :","Extension :"
"Select folder for Public","Choisir un dossier ? publier"
"Please Restart a Application","Red?marrez Seo Note SVP!"
"Bottom dialog","Bottom dialog"
"Advanced find results (use Double click for open)","Recherche avanc?e (double-clic)"
"Left dialog","Left dialog"
"Standard Bar","Barre standard"
"Support bar","Barre de l'aide"
"Style Bar","Barre de formatage"
"RTF Formatting","formats RTF"
"HTML toolbar","Barre d'outils HTML"
"HTML Table Toolbar","Barre d'outils tableau"
"Text Bar","Barre d'outils texte"
"Tree Bar","Barre d'outils pour l'arbre"
"Advanced Edit Bar","Barre d'?dition avanc?e"
"Advanced Folder Bar","Barre d'outils avanc?s pour les dossiers"
"Advanced Notes Bar","Barre d'outils avanc?s pour les notes"
"Insert Bar","Barre d'insertion"
"Find Bar","Barre de recherche"
"Login\Key Generator","G?n?rateur d'identifiant et de mdp"
"Custom Date ... Ctrl+Shift+D","Date personnalis?e... Ctrl+Shift+D"
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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 12:52 pm    Post subject: re Reply with quote

I have tried seo note........ it works fine.... i have benefitted out of that........

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice link shared...
Its a great site for getting the information...
Thank you for sharing this great informative stuff here...
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